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Pavement & Ground Protector

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Oilinator® Super Sorbent Products

Oilinator® super absorbent land and water use products by Monarch Green, Inc.® combine the incredible adsorption supremacy of Incredisorb® and Universal Special Absorbent® with an equally powerful, specialized outer fabric shell, providing you with mat, boom, sock, pad and drum topper efficiency never available until now.

Our Oilinator® family of products encompasses the best of both worlds in terms of efficiency and versatility. The Oilinator® line is also available in handily sized 5, 6.5, 12, 20, 30 and 55 gallon capacity oil and universal spill kits.

Additionally, our new, patented Oilinator® Pavement & Ground Protector® products are great for protecting surfaces from spills and leaks in the first place. Oilinator® technology is at a new level.

Save Your Pavement! Protect Your Environment!

Ideal for Trucks, RV’s, Heavy Equipment and Machinery.
Anything that leaks or drips oil & petroleum related products!

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  • Instantly Absorbs & Traps Up To 2 Gallons!
    • Engine Oil
    • Transmission
    • Brake Fluid
    • Gasoline
    • Diesel & More!
  • Repels All Rain, Runoff, Sprinkler Water.
  • Built-In Weight Pouch Keeps It Where You Put It.
  • Easy To Use – Just Place It Plastic Pouch Side Down.
  • You Can Add Sand, Soil, Pebbles Into Plastic Pouch To Keep It Put.
  • Reusable
  • That’s It – Oilinator® Does The Rest!!

Stop Oil Spill

Another proud member of the Monarch Green family of Eco-Friendly, GREEN, recycle-friendly products

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Notice: This product is specifically designed and engineered for peak performance to rapidly and aggressively capture and contain oil/petroleum-related fluids while at the same time repel all water and watery fluids.


• Ideal For Trucks, Buses, RV’s, & Heavy Equipment!
• Includes Handy Storage Pouch & Retrieval Leash For Hard To Reach Places!
• Helps Avoid Fines and Penalties!

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